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Love bird

Love bird

SKU: AS0007

Love bird


Oil pastel, Framed

43.8cm (W) x 57cm (H) x 2cm (D)




Pastel on paper, ready to hang.

Signed on the front.



Turacos are the only birds to possess true red and green color. When you look at most birds, the color you are seeing is a reflection produced by the feather structure. The turaco's red pigment (turacin) and green pigment (turacoverdin) both contain copper. In fact, if you stirred a glass of water with a red turaco feather, the water would turn pink! In museum species, the pigments deepen with age because the copper begins to oxidize.


Turacos are monogamous birds. During courtship, the male will feed the female. Together, they build their nest and the mother and father take turns sitting on the eggs. Once the eggs have hatched, other flock members help the new mother care for the chicks. Chicks can fly at 4 weeks of age. They may leave the nest at 6 weeks of age or decide to stay with the flock.


This artwork comes with an external frame.


*this artwork is framed using 70% ultra vue glass to prevent strong glare and reflection. It produce a mellow purple and green tint if any glare at all.*

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