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Artist - is who you are and what you create


I am a self-thought artist. I have never attended any art classes or art school. Everything I know is from hands on experiences and mistakes I have made over the years. As time goes by, I edit my technique and find solution when I see fit. Now, I am running a series of art lessons for both adult and youth, passing on this years of self accumulated techniques to the next generation or anyone who are interested. Year 2024, my art classes for the youth is record breaking and full on all batches. All lessons are conducted in my private studio located in Somerset, Tasmania. Studio 44 do not cater for paint and sips as it wasn't what the studio set out to do, but casual sessions and workshop are available but seasonal to school holiday only. To me, anyone can be an artist if you are able to express yourself bravely on the canvas. I do not believe in the phrase, "I can't draw" because the reality is 'you do not know how YET'. Just like  everything, you have to start somewhere, lay your pencil down and let it go.


Art lesson - Youth
24 lessons | 6 mediums

This is a especially design series of art lessons for anyone age between 8 - 17 that are interested to learn the how-to. Participants do not need to have any experience to enrol into this class. However, mindset and attitude are important during lessons. Willing to learn will be an added bonus.

Casual Session | Workshop

Occasionally when I have some dates in my calendar that I can fit lessons in, I would host workshop or casual sessions. Whether it is 2D art related or sculptural/wearable lessons. Keep an eye on my social to catch this session. I do keep the class small so everyone will learn efficiently. If you are someone who looking for an art workshop facilitator, please get in touch.

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