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Across the falls

Across the falls

SKU: EE0003

Across the falls 


Acrylic, Ready to hang

76cm (W) x 101cm (H) x 2cm (D)




Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.


Signed on the front.


During this school holiday, I have chosen to visit some iconic nature around the nortwest coast. Dip Falls, definitely in our list to visit for some time. I took my 4 kids there and there were a lot of tourist just staring at the majestic falls. Almost everyone of them only giving attention to the falls. I, instead, look across the falls to see what's on offer. There is a gorgeous stream of water flowing through from the falls surrounding by some gorgeous greenery. That was truly a nature beauty, where it has inspired me to depict the view here. 

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