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My name is Shih, but I am commonly known as Cynthia. I am Chinese-Malaysian and I have migrated to Australia in 2007. I am a multidisciplinary artist. When it comes to something artistic, I never hesitate to get my hands on it. I have excelled in art since I was a little girl. That has become my journey ever since. I was a professional hairdresser and makeup artist for 15 years. In the year 2012, I represented Australia in a global makeup competition and I came first in the ladder beating 19 other competing countries. During my career as a hair and makeup artist, I have had the honour to work with the legendary singer Tina Arena during her stay in Hobart as her hair and makeup artist. I am also a professional photographer and have worked in the Glow Cosmetics head office as their graphic artist, photographer and designer for 7 years. I then continued to explore the creative sector supporting people with disabilities by mentoring them in art therapy. 

From 2D art to sculptures, fashion and wearable art, I am passionate about it all. My experiences in different creative sectors allow me to become unique in what I do. I try to see things in a different perspective and catch what others may not notice. There is always something to learn in terms of art and life, because one cannot really learn to be distinctive,  but find oneself on their art journey; I am still on this journey.

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