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"I" re-imagined; I am koi-ing

"I" re-imagined; I am koi-ing

SKU: IR0002

Watercolour on linen, ready to hang.

108cm (W) x 120cm (H) x 4.5cm (D)


Signed on the front.


This artwork comes with an external frame


"I" re-imagined; Chapter 2 - I'm Koi-ing


A re-imagined version of me emerging with the Japanese koi fish. Koi, play a significant role in our Chinese culture. It symbolize strength, courage, patience and success through perseverance. As a single mum and an immigrant, I faced many challenges and obstacles in life. While I like to think I am a strong woman, I have my weak moment. The moment where I wished I am as strong and free like the koi. It doesn't cost anything to dream or get lost in our imagination... so I depicted myself with this powerful fish that gave me strength to keep on moving.


*this artwork was shown in Western Australia Cossack Award & Dada Muse, a private Salvador Dali gallery in Launceston.*


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