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"I" re-imagined: I've got the hives (giclee)

"I" re-imagined: I've got the hives (giclee)

SKU: GC0019

"I" re-imagined: I've got the hives (gclee)

92cm x 122cm (original size)


*Finalist piece for The Henry Jones Art Prize 2022*


"I" re-imagined; Chapter 1 - I've got the hives


This is a reimagined version of myself. The exhaustion of being a mother of four. Constantly I am producing, working, attending and giving. It reminds me of the bee. They work hard, the only species that work until the end of their life. That's represent motherhood. There was very little room mother get for themselves but to ensure our children are cater for. Honey is sweet, just like our loves to our babies, however the process are strenuous. I reimagine all the cool thing I still want to have, perfect makeup, big hair, and perhaps those beautiful heterochromia eyes too. Motherhood although very hard, I refuse to lose myself. Motherhood will last an eternity, if getting the "hives" is what it takes, I will still choose motherhood.

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